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Herbs To Include In An Anti-Acne Diet

We all know that diet plays a pivotal role in how we feel and look. When you have acne, diet becomes especially important. Aside from the usual advice to steer clear of processed foods, you also have to keep your blood sugar stable.

There is more that you can do though, in this article we will discuss herbs that can be added to the diet in order to help reduce the instances of acne and to clear the skin when breakouts do occur.

Top of the list is good old garlic. Eating two cloves each and every day will help to kill acne causing bacteria. Just be careful if you are on blood thinning medication – it also helps to clear cholesterol and thin the blood.

Next up is parsley – a few sprigs a day will not only help to sweeten the breathe after eating the garlic but will also be instrumental in clearing up the skin – the nutrients in it are awesome.

Starting your day with a bowl of oat porridge is great for keeping your blood sugar balanced. Raw oats can also be great for treating troubled skin. Oats are definitely in!

Nasturtiums make a great salad ingredient and are strongly anti-biotic. Take around three leaves a day and throw the flowers into salads for a huge Vitamin C boost as well as the anti-biotic effects.

Make a big herb salad everyday to get the full advantage of the herbs in your garden. Dandelion should be included as well because it is jam packed with nutrients. It also works to clear the skin and is perfect for acne sufferers.

If you are able to lay hands on it, eat papaya as often as possible. Take the skin and rub gently up against the acne – it acts as a mild astringent and is rich in Vitamin C. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing.

Be sure to include plenty of fresh fruit in the diet – that is fruit and not fruit juice – fruit has soluble fiber which plays a huge role in keeping your blood sugar level.

Vegetables are just as important – eat them as raw as you can manage where possible and watch for the increased energy levels and clearer skin.

Keep at it – use this article as a jumping off point and look around for more ideas on what to include and what not to include in an anti-acne diet.